Bounce Ride Policies 


Delivery and setup will occur between 8 am and 12 noon on the day of your event, unless other arrangements have been made.  Pickup will occur the same day before dark, unless other arrangements have been made.  You will be notified of your scheduled delivery time 24 hours prior to your rental date.  Payment is due by cash, personal check, or cashiers check within 2 weeks of booking moonbounce unless other arrangements have been made.

Electrical Requirements

A standard electrical outlet is needed to power the inflatable.  We rent generators for an additional charge for events held at locations without power.  We provide the appropriate extension cords to power our equipment.

Site Preparation

For a 15' x 15' unit, you will need an area 20' x 20'.  For a 15' x 21' Combo/Slide unit, you will need an area 20' x 26'.  A level, smooth surface (grass or blacktop) is needed.  The area must be free of rocks, sticks, sharp objects and pet debris.  The area must be away from low hanging tree limbs and electrical lines.  Inflatable must be 15' clear of any objects.  Keep water away from inflatables.  They are intended to stay dry.

Inclement Weather


Above The Clouds 
Moonbounce Rentals
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Rules & Policies

Bounce Ride Safety Rules
A Responsible Adult Must Supervise The Ride At All Times 
1. Children must remove shoes.
2. Remove sharp objects from pants.
3. Remove eye wear and all jewelry.
4. Group riders according to size (do not mix large kids with small ones).
5. Keep kids away from each other.  Don't allow flips or rough housing.
6. High winds (over 20 mph ) require removal of all kids and deflation of ride.
7. Ride must be staked according to manufacturer specifications.
8. Do not use ride in the rain.  If it becomes wet, inflate until dry before using again.
9. Do not allow more riders than the manufacturer recommends.
10. Don't allow riders near the ride while it inflates or deflates.

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