Rules and policies

  • Supervision by a responsible adult is required 
  • Children must remove shoes prior to entering the moonbounce
  • No sharp objects, including jewelry, are permitted inside the moonbounce
  • Group riders according to size (Do not mix older children with younger)
  • No flipping or rough housing inside the moonbounce
  • High winds (over 20 mph) require removal of children/adults and deflation of moonbounce
  • Do not use moonbounce in the rain. If it becomes wet, inflate until it is completely dry before using again. 
  • Moonbounce will be staked into the ground with heavy duty stakes; or sand bags will be used if setup on pavement or inside
  • Do no allow more riders than the manufacturer recommends at the same time
  • Keep riders away from the moonbounce while it is inflating or deflating